Build a blog and people will read it. Build a sales funnel and people will buy.

Oh no they f****n won’t!

This is a post I read the other day in the Warrior Forum:

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Man I feel for him. Truly I do. Because he bought into all the people out there who tell you that all you need to do to make sales is build a sales funnel.

And there’s a ton of them.

I reckon I get about ten emails a day telling me about sales funnels.


Because they’re the flavour of the month and there’s a shitload of people selling products or software that shows you how to use them, gives you the funnel that made them millions, creates the funnels for you etc… you get the picture.

Now I’m not saying that funnels don’t work. They do.

We’ve got one at the moment that converts at 12% and the upsell converts at 80%.

But just because you build a funnel doesn’t mean that people will buy.

In fact, you don’t need a funnel to be able to sell a product. And that’s where the problem is.

All the big sales pages bang on about how much money you can make from sales funnels. Which is true. But then folks go and get confused and think that all they need to do is build a sales funnel and they’ll make money.

That’s the mistake.

What you need to do is build a relationship with a mailing list.

If you have that then you don’t need a sales funnel. Heck… you don’t even need a sales page. It can all be done from email if you want it to be.

Yes, a sales funnel and a sales page will most likely increase your conversion. BUT… you don’t need them to make sales.

Forget everything else until you’ve built a mailing list.



P.S. I use AWeber for this newsletter and you can get 30 days free here.

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