One Change That Will Increase Your Opt-Ins More Than 100%

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I’ve been doing some consulting on landing pages recently, and in all the companies the same mistake has been made.

It’s a mistake which is costing them optins.

And, in the case of one person, making the changes increased them by over 100%!

Since then I’ve been looking for this mistake and it’s being made on hundreds of landing pages.

Imagine that you’re on holiday…

You’re walking along the boulevard trying to decide which of the restaurants you want to walk into and there’s staff outside each of them vying with your attention to get you in.

Generally speaking you ignore most of them, but occasionally one takes your fancy.

Usually this is because it looks nice, it’s busy or you happen to be attracted to the person asking you to come in.

Whatever the reason you decide to stop. Which is when the staff member pounces.

They start by telling you how good their food is and then they move on to tell you how bad other restaurants are.

What do you feel?

The chances are that you walk away and don’t eat there.


Because of the negative feeling that the staff member gave you.

They didn’t mean to give you this negative feeling, they did it by mistake because they mentioned how bad the other restaurants nearby were in comparison to theirs. They thought they were persuading you to come and eat with them when in fact they were doing the opposite.

And that’s because they used negative words. Which is exactly what a load of people are doing on their landing pages.

Think of your landing page as being one of the restaurants on the street. You’re fighting to be noticed amongst a crowd of people selling something very similar.

There could be a range of reasons someone decides to visit your landing page instead of your competitors, but once they’re there you certainly don’t want to fill them with negative feelings.

Which means… there should be no negative words at all on your landing page.

Go take a look at your landing page and tell me if you can see any negative words on it.

You’re probably thinking that there aren’t any.

But read it again.

Are you 100% sure that there aren’t any negative words on your landing page?

Check just below your optin form.

Is there a line that says something like…

We will NEVER share your details. We HATE Spam.

That’s pretty common on almost every landing page you see.

But in our tests, we have found that landing pages that contain this sentence perform worse than those without it.

And in honesty, it’s not that surprising considering the words we are highlighting are Never, Hate and Spam.

Three words that have hugely negative associations with them.

It doesn’t matter that we’re saying we won’t don’t that to our subscribers. They’re subconscious is taking into account these words and reducing their comfort of opting in without them even realising it.

But don’t take my word for it.

Take a few of your most visited landing pages and create a split-test by leaving one as it is and then removing all the negative words from the new one.

I think you’ll be surprised by the results!

What do you think?

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