From time to time we all struggle with inspiration.

When you’re writing one or more emails every day, it can be hard to find something to write about.

I get that.

What do we do in those difficult times?

We look around at newspapers, gossip websites and try and find inspiration.

But if we’re really struggling then most of us will eventually resort to a swipe file.

And there’s nothing wrong with using a swipe file for inspiration.

Unless you do this…

Logitravel is a major German travel company.

Clearly someone in their marketing department was struggling with inspiration and decided to use a swipe file.

But they forgot to change the subject line.


This is a prime example of someone not doing what you must do before you schedule any email…

Send yourself a test!

Never skip this step however quickly you are trying to get the email out. It only takes a few seconds, and prevents you from looking stoopid.


P.S. Heading back to writing this months Business Ignition. I’m pretty damn excited by what’s inside it 😉

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