Optin rates that the gods dream of

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Have you seen those products that teach you how to get 70%, 80% or even more of your traffic opting in to receive your free offer?

Have you ever tried to do it?

What was the result?

I’m pretty sure it was more like 20% opted in to your offer and whatever you tried you couldn’t get it much higher. Certainly nowhere near the giddy heights of 70%+

That’s because they’re not giving you all the information.

Now don’t get me wrong, they’re not lying. They’re just not revealing everything.

Nobody I know of gets 70%+ optin rates from cold traffic. It just doesn’t happen.

But you can get optin rates of 70%. And you do it with something known as…


This is the process of building a list of people who visit your website and then marketing to them again through other websites until they optin.

Here’s how I like to use it…

Register with my favourite retargeting company… Adroll. Once you’ve registered drop the code onto your website, they have simple instructions showing you how to do it.

Use Fiverr to get yourself a range of adverts in different sizes created. I recommend getting 300×250, 120×600 and 728×90 as a minimum, but if you can get more then even better. Currently Adroll are also offering to create some free ads for you!

Upload these adverts to your Adroll account and you’re all ready to go.

You can setup a campaign using Facebook or the entire web, and you should do both.

It’s very easy to create a campaign and you can start with the minimum weekly budget of $25.

For your targeting you should choose to target visitors that go to your optin page but don’t submit their email. Personally I like to show the adverts to them for fourteen days, but you may want to start at seven days.

Then… start your ad!

It’s that simple.

Here’s what’s going to happen…

1) You send traffic to your optin page (free or paid)

2) People who don’t submit their emails will see your advert for another fourteen days across the entire web and Facebook

3) They click on your adverts and go back to your optin page to submit their email.

4) They submit their email and your adverts stop showing for them.

This is incredibly powerful and will increase the number of leads you get from your traffic. If you use any form of paid traffic then you’re going to notice this make a phenomenal difference as your optin rate leaps.

Over and out.


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