Discover How To Make $120,000 A Year In Six Hours A Week, Using The Same Method Kevin Hart Uses To Make $18,000,000 A Time!

Hi, I’m Michael Wilding.

I’ll do a proper introduction in a minute but, right now, imagine being able to use your own personality to build a six-figure business in an hour (or less) a day.

Six hours for six figures.

You can make $10,000 a month online without a website, without social media, without making videos, without recording podcasts, without writing blog posts, without learning anything new, and without any stress.

There’s a lot of noise online. 99.9% of all information online is noise, it’s not useful and most of the time it’s not even accurate. 

In order to be able to make money you have to cut through the noise, and you do this by becoming a user of the internet instead of an internet consumer.

When you become a user of the internet, you can use it to achieve anything, including running a six-figure business in an hour (or less) a day.

Most people consume internet content; this sucks you into a vortex of information that won’t help you do anything except waste time.

In the next two minutes I’ll show you how you can remove yourself from the noise, and turn yourself into a user of the internet.

I call it the ‘Personality Based Business Model’.

It’s the same business model that enabled Kevin Hart to build an empire, on his own with no major backers or agencies, by simply gigging on the comedy circuit.

The same method he used to fill stadiums for his shows and make $18,000,000 a time.

If you’ve tried to build an online business before and failed, it’s not your fault.

It’s because you’ve been bombarded with information.

You’ve been told you’ve got to create inhuman amounts of content.

You’ve been told you’ve got to post on every social media platform at a speed that is physically impossible.

You’ve been told that you need to re-purpose every piece of content you make a zillion times and share it.

You’ve been told that video is the only way anybody finds success.

You’ve been told that you must use Facebook ads if you want to scale.

It would take you three lifetimes to do all that on your own!

Which is when you are told to outsource.

How the heck are you going to outsource before you’ve got a business that’s making money!

What you’ve not been told is, that 80% of this is simply noise. 

Noise designed to keep you in the machine.

Noise designed to keep you spinning from one product to the next.

Noise that keeps you learning, but never implementing, always on the starting line and never actually getting started.

That’s why a Personality Based Business is going to change everything!

If you are able to converse normally with a friend, then there’s nothing new for you to learn - you’ve already got all the skills you need!

You’re just missing the technique to be able to turn it into sales and cash.

Remember that product you bought, only to discover you needed an upsell to be able to use it?

Then remember how you were asked to buy four, five, six and more upsells? Each one costing ever more money...

For only one reason… to make them money, not you!

What do they want to happen?

Here’s what - for you to not implement what they’ve shown you correctly, so that you buy the next product update they release.

No wonder they’re able to show pictures of their incredible lifestyle, they’re building it on your back.

I’ve spent nearly two decades running online businesses.

When I first got started I kept everything simple by necessity. I didn’t have the money to buy courses; I couldn’t afford to use different tools.

Then the businesses grew from three figures to four, and from four figures to five, and from five figures to six.

Times were good, so it was almost all profit!

I started buying courses and searching for more ways to improve what I was doing.

I began using expensive tools to personalise my marketing, creating complex campaigns that nobody could ever figure out.

One day I turned around and discovered all the money the business was making was being spent on courses: on courses, furthermore, that  I didn’t have the time (or interest) to go through. I was buying more content than I could consume in a decade, and all of it was trying to teach me how to do something. Tools that were so complicated I couldn’t truly see whether they were making me money, or losing me money.

Even worse… I was putting in huge amounts of hours, getting stressed, fighting fires, everything the lifestyle business I’d started was meant to prevent me from ever having to do.


… I cut everything!

Anything that wasn’t 100% essential to the running of the business was cut.

It represented over 80% of my expenses.

It took-up over 80% of my time.

I shut my eyes and held my breath, waiting for everything to collapse around me.

When nothing happened I risked opening one eye to peep.

Nothing had changed.

I’d lost a few customers, but less than 10%.

Everything I’d been trying, all the tools I’d been using were of absolutely no use to me.

They sucked-up my time as I had tried to consume them. 

Cutting everything allowed me to step back and cut the noise. Allowed me to see what had happened. Gave me the space to see the true steps that were making my business successful.

I learnt my lesson.

Going forward from that point, I only focused on what worked. 

I became a user of content instead of a consumer. 

I used that content to double down on implementation.

The hundred page guides, the thousands of hours of video, got binned. I didn’t have the time to consume them, let alone implement them. 

Anything that could be listened to while I was doing something else, I began listening to.

I’d cherrypick the knowledge that I knew I could implement quickly, everything else got binned.

It’s those cherries that I’ve put into the Personality Based Business soundcast.

Two hours of cherries, which can be listened to through an app on your mobile (iPhone or Android), while you’re exercising, walking the dog, doing the dishes or popping to the shops.

It’s a Personality Based Business model that anybody can implement, taking only a few hours set-up, and then being managed in an hour a day.

I call it ‘The Personality Based Business' because I want you to know that we're building a business based on you.

There’s nothing complicated.

If you can hold a conversation, you already have all the skills you need.

There’s a single tool.

In two hours I can show you exactly what you need to do to build a six-figure business in any niche.

It’s all audio, which means after you download the app, you can listen to it on your mobile (iPhone or Android) wherever and whenever you like.

Of course - it’s up to you to implement it.

That’s the only bit I can’t do for you.

Every day I follow the exact steps that you will be following, and my business makes me well into six figures a year.

If you’re looking to be rich this time next week, or you want to press a button and have everything happen automatically for you, this isn’t for you and I suggest you leave this page now.

But… if you’re looking for a real-world business model that, by this time next year, could have you making six-figures in your pants, then this is for you.

And btw, there’s lots of six-figures to be made online, if you’re willing to grab them...

If you had a six-figure business this time next year, what would that be worth to you?



Usually the Personality Based Business soundcast is just $197.

However,  I’ve started a monthly soundcast called Friends, Clients & Marketers (lend me your ears), where each month I provide more content for your ears based on a personality business, and how you can use it to sell more product, more easily, in a fraction of the time, with zero stress.

When you join the monthly Friends, Clients & Marketers (lend me your ears) soundcast, I’ll give you access to the Personality Business Model free.

You can cancel at any time, but think carefully before you join, because there are no refunds.

This is designed for people who want to be successful; for people who are prepared to work hard and implement what they learn.

Make sure that you are prepared to work hard at making your business successful before you join.

Personality Based Business Model


Friends, Clients & Marketers (lend me your ears) 

$77 per month

** Get the Personality Based Business Model Included 100% Free **

You’ve tried lots of different things. None of them have worked. All have left you with a sense of disappointment.

It’s now time for you to make a decision.

Continue doing what you’re doing, and let it get you to wherever you are now.

Or take the chance and change your life.

There are no guarantees. I have no way of knowing how much effort you’ll put in.

I can guarantee that there’s nothing new in here. 

It’s my take on solid business principles, in any market or niche, wrapped in a model that is achievable by anybody, without any significant time or financial investment, requiring only hard work.

All you need to do is… to do it.

Each monthly soundcast will be solid business and marketing principles stripped back to only the most important parts.

I won’t be bombarding you with hours of audio content.

In fact quite the opposite, I will only be sharing what is absolutely necessary to enable you to make more sales and grow your business with the least amount of time and stress possible. It's going to be between one and two hours a month.

So if you want a ton of content, and you want to be stressed, this isn’t for you.

If you like it short, sweet, highly actionable and insanely effective at making you money, then choose one of the options below.

Personality Based Business Model


Friends, Clients & Marketers (lend me your ears) 

$77 per month

** Get the Personality Based Business Model Included 100% Free **

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the soundcasts?

After joining you will be given a link to download an app, install this app and register in the app, using the same email address you used to purchase, and you will get access to your content. It can take 24 hours to get access, don’t freak out.

What types of phone can I use?

You can use any phone that allows you to install an Android or iPhone app.

Do I get all past issues of Friends, Clients & Marketers (lend me your ears)?

No, but sometimes I may offer you access to them at the same price everybody else paid for them.

Can I really use this in any market/niche?

Yes. This model works in any market or niche, it works for online and offline. It’s a business model, it’s simple, it works.

Is there a free trial?

No. If you’re looking for a free trial, you’re not ready for this.

Personality Based Business Model


Friends, Clients & Marketers (lend me your ears) 

$77 per month

** Get the Personality Based Business Model Included 100% Free **

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