It was Holly’s birthday over the weekend and, being pregnant, she asked me for some pyjamas and nursing nighties.

No problem, I’d prepared myself for a day of walking around shops to find the right thing.

But lady fortune smiled down on me, because Holly found exactly what she wanted on that site that sells everything you can possibly imagine, Amazon.

However, after a few minutes of searching, she turned to me and said…

I really like these ones, but I’m not sure how they’ll look. The problem is, every single model is in their early twenties and has really pert boobs. Mine sure as hell aren’t going to look like that when I’m nursing.

I mean, fair point.

Every single model was slim, very un-pregnant and had pert boobs. i.e. they looked nothing like a mother who’s got a newborn baby will look like.

Marketing Lesson Number One…

Don’t make it hard for your customers. They want to know what they’re getting, and in the case of this kinda clothing, what it’s going to look like on them, not some slim twenty-year-old who’s never had a baby.

I see this every day in internet marketing products.

The sales page tells you about how much money it makes, but not what it does. Often they don’t even tell you what type of marketing it’s to do with, e.g. social media, paid traffic, blogging, SEO etc…

This is called “blind copy”, because you’re completely blind to what the actual product is, you’re simply buying it because the seller is telling you how great it is.

Usually, this means the product is a bunch of c**p.

These products sell really well and then get massive refund rates. Like 50% or higher.

They rely on some people just not being bothered to try and get a refund.

Which means two things…

1) If you see a sales page doing this, think twice before buying the product, it’s probably terrible.

2) Don’t do it on your own sales pages, it makes you look like a scammer.

An example of how to write a sales page properly, is this one…

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P.S. I know I usually send two emails a day, it’s probably going to be one a day for the next week or two. But don’t worry, I’ll be back to normal soon.

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