Politicians… what a f*****g joke

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If you live in the UK (or the EU), then you won’t have been able to miss the debate that’s been going on about the vote which happens this week to determine whether the UK will leave the EU or not.

If you don’t live in the UK or EU then you may or may not have heard about this.

But what I’m about to say doesn’t have borders, it’s about politicians wherever they are in the world.

Over recent weeks the politicians that have been heading up the campaigns in the UK, to stay and leave the EU, have descended into a caricature of themselves. They’ve been purposefully bending the truth and shading things to a point which, if it wasn’t so dangerous, would be laughable.

Some of the statements they’ve been issuing you wouldn’t expect to come out of the mouth of a normal person, let alone the people who claim to be able to run the country and make decisions on behalf of us.

What they have in effect become is… spammers. Of the worst variety.

Politicians are the mouth piece of huge marketing machines that attempt to sway public opinion to their side.

But they’ve made one big mistake.

The bigger and brasher their statements have got, the more “spammy” their claims have become… the less anybody trusts them.

Which means that nobody really has any idea which way the vote in the UK will go this week. And if you talk to anybody on the street, they’ll tell you that they don’t believe a word any of them say.

And that is the death nail for a marketing machine.

Trust is the number one most important thing whether you’re marketing for your countries policy or selling guides on how to train your dog.

If your prospect doesn’t trust you, they’re not going to buy what you’re selling.

End of.

Jump on to a UK news website today, like www.bbc.co.uk, and look at some of the statements the different sides are making. Heck just Google it, but don’t look at it as a political debate. Look at it as a marketing machine.

You’ll see exactly what not to do if you want your prospects to trust you.

One man I do trust however, is Rob Cornish. If you’d like to see how he breaks peoples thinking patterns to get them to buy on demand, then you should take a looksy over here.


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