Rainbow Fair Grounds

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So… Oktoberfest… where to begin…

It’s awesome.

Essentially, it’s a massive fairground with obscene amounts of beer.

And, it’s amazing how much beer you can drink, when it’s served to you in bigger glasses.

Anyhoo… my favourite ride was the funhouse, which I managed to go on three times.

It’s a big moving house, filled with floors that move, spinning circles to get through, and all manner of bits and bobs to navigate.

But, that wasn’t enough, so they also gave you glasses. Glasses that made all lights into rainbows.

It was like trying to get through it on LSD.

(not that I’ve ever done LSD you understand).

For 48 hours, I was like a child, going round a funfair with my best friends.

Bottom line… I would recommend it to everybody. Even if you don’t like beer, it’s worth going at least once.

Us, we’re planning on making it a yearly event from now on!

Having fun is something that, as we get older, we forget to do . We go for dinner, or an evening party. Our fun becomes measured out in doses of a few hours, no more.

And that’s not how it should be.

You should be spending most of your life having fun.

And, since we spend most of our lives working, that means you should be having fun while you work.

To do that, you have to do something you love.

So the first step, is to think of something you love.

The second step, is to join the other Business Ignition members, to discover how you can turn that into money.



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