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I’ve been reading the Liveship Trader trilogy, and damn it’s good. I love a good fantasy novel, and this series has to rank up there with some of the best.

What makes a good book for me, is a style of writing that involves you from the beginning, and a story that leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next.

Because sometimes, it’s just nice not to know!

A bit like how I wrote the February edition of Business Ignition. When I sat down to write it, I just didn’t know what I was going to write about.

I started with the Millionaire Dollar Plan that anybody can get started with, and then I began to answer the question I get asked the most…

What type of traffic should I use and where should I get it from?

Once I got into writing about it, the topic was too large, there’s just too much to cover. But I am thinking about making the next few months of Business Ignition into a complete traffic and conversion course. I’ll leave it to the members to let me know if they’d like that 😉

Anyhoo… I decided, for this month, to focus on why you can’t convert cold traffic. And how to.

Yup, I know you’re struggling with converting cold traffic.

I know that, because almost every single person has the same problem!

And you know what folk do when they can’t convert cold traffic?

They bemoan about how so-and-so’s traffic source was poor quality. You can hear them in the bars complaining that there are no good traffic sources left, they’re all saturated.

What a bunch of horse shit.

What they mean, is that they can’t convert the traffic that they’re getting.

Now that’s  a very different thing.

I’m not saying that I’m the god of traffic and conversion. I’m not. I’m simply a guy who’s had to learn how to do it in order to keep his businesses running.

There are traffic sources I’m better at converting, and others I’m worse at. I know how to convert all traffic sources but, due to laziness, I personally focus on just a few of them.

However, before you can seriously start converting cold traffic, you need to understand why it’s not working for you at the moment.

And it’s all revealed in the February edition of Business Ignition, which goes to print in just a few days.


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