Sapiens (it kinda makes you think!)

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Have you read the book Sapiens?

It will blow your mind!

If you haven’t got a copy, go and get one immediately.

It’s the history of homo sapiens and how we became the most dominant animal in the world in a very short timeframe.

Today I want to consider something that’s talked about the very beginning of this book.

The fact that almost all of modern society is invented.

It’s fictional.

And the only reason it works is because…

…everybody belives in it.

If everyone stopped believing in it then our society would collapse.

Which is why, of course, that’s never going to happen.

But think about it for a second.

What is a company?

Nothing. It’s something on a piece of paper that says it exists and has legal rights.

But then what are legal rights?

Something homo sapiens have invented.

There is no such thing as law, we’ve imagined it up, there’s no such thing as human rights, we’ve imagined it up, there’s no such thing as companies or money.

They’re all imagined by humans.

In biological terms, which is how a scientist would look at things, they don’t exist.

We’ve created these things to give our society a way of functioning. And, without giving too much of the book away, our ability to do this is one of the resaons we’re such a dominant species.

Now that may freak you out.

But think of it like this…

If we’ve imagined all these things, and the only reason they work is because everybody belives in them, then you personally are capable of doing absolutely anything.

In fact, if you imagine it’s something you can do, then you can do it. All you need to do is get other people to believe in your imagination.

Which isn’t so difficult 😉


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