Sausages and Computers

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Today I’m impressing myself with my multi-tasking capabilities.

Admittedly, this may not impress all the mums out there, but what the heck… I’m going to say it anyway.

I’m currently, obviously, writing this email to you. Which I’m doing a bit late today as I got held up with other work.

That delay means I’m writing it over lunch.

Which is fine, except I know if I don’t cook myself some lunch I’m not going to eat anything.

(I’ve figured that if I have lunch much later than 2:30 I just don’t bother because I’m not hungry for dinner)

That means I’m writing an email and cooking a sausage sandwich.

Here’s the proof:

So I’m cooking away, writing this email, and thinking I’m doing pretty well, when Max decides to come and join the party by hiding himself behind a tea towel in the middle of the kitchen.

Now I’m juggling writing this email, stepping over a little person to cook sausages, stepping back across the little person and playing with him, back to writing the email.


Needless to say I come out of this multi-tasking with a lovely sausage sandwich, a happy Max Wilding and a beautifully crafted email (if I do say so myself!)

Who says only women can multi-task?!

Until tomorrow,


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