If you own a website then you have a landing page, even if you don’t realise it.

I was chatting with someone recently who said they had a website and really needed to sort out a landing page, and I was kinda like… dude you already have one.

“No I don’t, I haven’t made one yet!”

But you don’t have to make one specifically. A landing page is, by definition, a page that someone visiting your website lands on.

Now that page may suck, it may not do anything of any use, it may get you no sales and no leads, but it’s still a landing page because (hopefully) people are landing on it.

Anybody can make a landing page.

That’s simple.

But not anybody can make a landing page that converts.

That’s still simple, but most people don’t put some basic things in place which means their conversion sucks.

I’m going to give you the three secrets of making a landing page that works.

Yes you can look into this further. Yes you can talk for hours about the copywriting needed. But ultimately if you have these three things you’ll see a massive difference.

Number One is…


Your landing page must be focused on just one thing. Never ask someone to do more than one thing at a time. Give them a choice and they won’t do anything. Decide if you want to get leads or make a sale, personally I prefer to go for leads. Decide what you going to offer your lead to register and then focus your entire landing page on telling them the benefits they’ll get from registering.

(A quick note, benefits does not mean bore them senseless with how awesome what your giving away is. They don’t give a rats ass. Tell them how it will solve their troubles and make their life better)

Number Two is…

Keep It Simple.

Just ask them for their email. Every time you ask them for an extra piece of information you’ll lose some of your registrations.

If you really need more than an email then ask for the email first, once they’ve given it to you then ask for the rest of the information. At least if they decide not to give it to you then you can still contact them via email to try and get it again.

I’ve never found a good argument for asking for more than an email on the first page of a registration form.

Number Three is…

Make it visible.

By which I mean make sure that your opt-in box, the place where people enter their email and the button they click, is above the fold on EVERY display type.

That means that they don’t have to scroll anywhere to optin. Bear in mind that a huge number of people now visit sites from their mobiles and tablets, so please, please, please check what it looks like on those devices as well.

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, then use a website that mimics them so you can check.

Registering should be visible (almost the first thing after the headline) and easy to do. Make sure you aren’t using text colours on the submit button that disappear into the button colour. That’s a sure fire way to lose leads.

And if you want to make landing pages quickly and easily, I use Thrive Themes to make mine in a matter of minutes.


Speak soon,


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