Sell More By Not Selling

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I’m in the process of moving home.

We decided to take the leap and move out of London to get somewhere bigger. Somewhere we can build accommodation for both our mums who are on their own.

Crazy I know, but nice to feel that they’re sorted and we don’t have to worry about them.

At the moment, we’re staying with some friends in London while we wait for everything to go through. But when we were looking for property almost every day, I was saying to Holly (my wife)…

…damn I hate my estate agent (realtor for those in the US 😉

Every time we walked into a property they tried to hard sell me on all it’s best features.

I was like… WTF!

I’m not going to be spending this kind of money on something if I don’t like it, no matter how much you hard sell it to me.

In the end I got pissed off and asked them to stay outside while I went around. If I liked it, then I’d invite them in so I could ask questions.

The thing is… all they had to do was listen to what I wanted. Use their skills to extract from that information (and what I was saying about properties we saw) exactly what I was actually after and then show me places that fitted the mould.

No selling required.

I wouldn’t be looking for a house if I wasn’t going to buy.

And you can do exactly the same on the internet. You want to:

  1. Listen to your audience
  2. Give them helpful information without hard selling
  3. Then show them the stuff they’re looking for

If they want it they’ll buy. Your helping them out and providing them with an awesome service in a fun and entertaining way, which means your audience would prefer to buy from you than anyone else.

End of.

Rant over.


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