Short and sweet or long and hard?

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Do you like it short and sweet or long and hard?

No, I’m not being personal, I’m talking about your emails 😉

Here’s the scooby…

There’s different schools of thought on whether an email should be short or long.

Whether you should put links at the top, bottom or throughout.

If you should have links to one locations or multiple locations.

But very seldom do you ever see anybody who’s actually tested it!

In my experience having links to one location decreases the click through rate, but increases the conversion. Having links to multiple locations increases click through but decreases conversion.

Which means it’s also about the purpose of your emails and what you’re trying to achieve. i.e. interaction or sales

Personally, the most important thing to do is to write in a way that is enjoyable for humans to read.

You can get so bogged down in the tiny details trying to get it just right, watching words for spam filters that the email becomes boring to read. And that’s going to be the worst thing you can do.

Anyhoo… I’ve just started playing with Email On Acid’s advanced analytics for email. You get heatmaps, engagement levels and all sorts of other stuff which should answer all these questions definitively.

When I have answered them… I’ll let you know 😉



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