Speed Is The Key

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From what I’ve seen one of the biggest problems for those new to the world of internet marketing is a lack of speed. Having a lack of speed is going to prevent your business from progressing as fast as you want it to.

There are hundreds of articles about taking action, and of course if you don’t take any action then nothing will ever get done. But assuming you are taking action then I would say that the next hurdle to overcome is trying to make things perfect.

Perfection will kill your business.

Now let me be clear. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make a product the best you can, you absolutely should. But you shouldn’t be waiting for it to be perfect before releasing it because… if you do that you’ll never release it.

Do you remember software when it was released twenty or thirty years ago?

Operating systems worked when you first installed them. Why?

Because they’d been tested so much that it was only under very specific situations when things didn’t work properly.

But the world has changed.

There’s so much technology that it is now virtually impossible to test for all situations and major companies, think Apple and Microsoft, no longer do the same kind of product testing they used to.

Because it’s not worth it!

It takes far longer, and costs a lot more, to do that than to simply release a relatively well tested product and let their users test it.

When a new product is released by Apple you’ll see a large number of updates taking place very quickly as they use their customers to test their product.

And we need to take a leaf from their books. We want to make products that we’ve tested for all normal scenarios, and then you release it. Your users are going to tell you very quickly what’s not working.

The key is to be able to respond quickly, and I mean very quickly.

Most small businesses don’t have the luxury of brand loyalty that these major companies have. Which means that the response needs to be even faster.

If you want to make your business grow then your workflow should be dynamic and have the ability to release updates, new products and services with the maximum speed possible. As well as responding to your customers feedback with the same speed.

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