Start With One Person

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I was at a marketing mastermind group the other week. This was my second time with the group, it’s private invitation only and I was honoured to be invited. We get a boardroom for the weekend and sit around a table and discuss what’s working and what we could do with some advice on, and the advice is truly excellent.

I’ve always been a believer that sharing is the key to being successful. There are those out there who try and hide their best methods, they don’t want to share them in case others steal the idea and it reduces the effectiveness of the technique.

But my belief is different!

In my experience, sharing what I’m doing is a much more effective way of running my business. You see, by sharing with others they’ll share back. And one thing that is indisputable is…

If you’re going to be really successful, then you’re going to need help from others.

When you combine that with the fact that the majority of people who hear what you’re doing don’t take action on it, then you’ll see it’s a much more effective strategy to share than to hide.

Amongst everything I learned over the weekend at the mastermind group, there were four words that I want to share with you today. These four words are, I believe, the most important part of any business. They were…

Start With One Person

It was Chris Payne who said this, and I recommend you head over to his website and take a look at his blog here.

This is probably the single best sentence I’ve ever heard in relation to business. Whatever your business is, at some point you’re going to be selling your product to someone.

Your product could be a real world product, a digital product or services. It doesn’t matter what it is, you have to sell it if you’re business is going to be a success.

Online it’s the norm to see newbies wanting to make hundreds or thousands of sales before they’ve even begun to work out how to sell to one person.

Every business starts with one person, and your sales message should be to just this single person.

You see, when you sell something it doesn’t matter if you’re selling to ten people or ten thousand people. Each person that you’re selling to should feel like they’re the only one being talked to. That your focus is just on them and resolving their difficulties.

If you’re sending a generic message then you won’t sell anything. This makes understanding your customer the most important aspect of getting your sales message right.

All your customers are going to be coming to you with similar points of pain or difficulties. It doesn’t matter if you know that your product solves their problems, it’s only by understanding who your customer is that you will understand what the sales message needs to be in order to make them buy your product.

I’ll write another article about how to find out who your ideal customer is, and how to tap into their inner turmoil. But right now, grab a piece of paper and write down…

Start With One Person

Then stick it above your computer screen so you never forget that you should only ever be targeting your ideal customer and every customer should feel like you’re talking directly to them.

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