It’s been a difficult and strange month. If you’ve recently joined my mailing list then you may not know that my dad passed away very unexpectedly one month ago today, and I took a break from everything.

I was barely writing at all, other people have been keeping my business going and I just went and got some space.

It was something I definitely needed to do to get some perspective.

And it’s kinda like what happens when you take steroids that are too strong for you.

That happened to me a number of years ago after I nearly killed myself in a Mexican jungle while trekking with the Lacandon people.

By the time I got back to the UK they were giving me all sorts of drugs to try and make me well, including high dosages of steroids (nasty things). I was getting these strange out-of-body experiences where I could see myself doing things.

But that’s another story for another time.

Getting perspective is very important. It’s particularly important for your business. You may want to be trying a bunch of stuff, but in reality you don’t need to do most of it.

As humans we like to make things complicated. Don’t.

In fact pretty much all you need is a mailing list. The one I use for these emails is Aweber and you can get 30 days free here…

I’m going to be back writing these emails most days again now, so keep an eye out for tomorrows email.

All the best,


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