Stop The Disease From Spreading

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Have you seen Containment?

Yes, I know it’s been cancelled over in the U.S., but over here it’s only just started. So, you may say, I’m kinda behind.

We’re a few episodes into it, and the they’ve already put containers around the ‘diseased’ area, and aren’t letting anybody in or out.

If anybody does try and get out… they shoot them.

To be honest, I find shows like that kinda frightening. Because I think that’s exactly what they would do if a deadly virus was spreading faster than they could control.

They’d cast a net, and everybody in it would be stuck there.

Which is when I turned to Holly and said…

That’s the complete opposite of email marketing

Admittedly, this was rapidly followed by that slow turn of the head and roll of the eyes, which invariably comes when I start talking about internet marketing in the middle of a TV show.

But it’s true!

In email marketing you cast your net wide, and gather in subscribers.

Only a percentage of these subscribers, will actually want to read what you write. The rest will be after the freebie you offered, and then a whole bunch won’t even know why they entered their email. I know it’s weird, but it happens.

Anyhoo… what you don’t want to do is…

Trap them.

Heck no.

You want to do the absolute opposite. Let them go.

Hell… encourage them to go.

If they don’t want to read your content, then you don’t want to send it to them.

Yes, email marketing is cheap. But it sure as s**t ain’t free.

You’ve got to pay that pesky autoresponder company, for every single lead you have on your email list.

So, if somebody doesn’t want to be there, adios amigos.

And honestly, there’s no point in someone being on your email list if they don’t want to be there. Yeah, your ego may take a hit, because the total numbers go down. But the total number is irrelevant, if only a fraction are opening or clicking. That’s the real number, and because of your ego, you’re just paying to send emails to the rest.

How do I manage my email lists?

It’s going to be outlined, in detail, in the next issue of Business Ignition.


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