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It’s easy to get worked up over sales copy. I remember when I used to get worked up by it all the time!

When I first got started, I didn’t even know what sales copy was. If that’s you, it’s the writing on the sales page that sells you the product 🙂

Anyhoo… it used to freak me out. I knew that it had to be good. After all, if it wasn’t good then I wasn’t going to make any money.

Problem was, at the same time I’d read advice saying that it would take years to become a copywriter. Well I didn’t have years to learn to write copy, I needed to start selling my product.

So then I started looking at hiring a copywriter.

That presented me with a new problem…

…because I couldn’t write copy myself, I didn’t know what I was looking for in a copywriter!

How the hell are you supposed to hire someone to do a job you don’t understand?

I knew exactly what to do, I went to ask other people and read what others had done.

Great idea!

Nuh uh.

Once again the advice was completely conflicting. Some folk said a good copywriter would be charging a minimum of $2000 for a sales page (which is true), but there was no way I could afford that. I had $500, maybe $750 max to spend on sales copy.

To be honest, even that was stretching it a bit.

But, was there any point in hiring someone for what was a lot of money to me, if they weren’t going to be good.


It was a frickin nightmare.

In the end, I hired a copywriter for $500. The copy looked great to me. But what the heck did I know! Apparently nothing. I sold two copies of the product at $27 a piece.

Was it the copywriting? Possibly.

Was it the list? Possibly.

Was it my relationship to the list? Possibly.

The honest truth is, there’s no way for me to ever know. So I don’t even bother to worry about it.

What I should have done, is not get stressed about sales copy.

There’s a lot of emphasis on it because it’s what sells your product.

But… most companies don’t get their sales copy right first time. Yup, the better your copywriter, the closer you’ll be to great copy first time out the gate, but most people adjust it once they see the results of split-tests.

If you don’t want to do split-tests, you still don’t need to sweat it, because I can make it even easier.

Something that most people don’t realise is…

If you know your niche well, and I mean really well, then the best person to write your copy is… you.

Obviously you know your niche well, because your on my mailing list and I always bang on about choosing something you know and love, and not choosing something like IM, Dating or Dog Training just because some guru has told you that you should.

So you’re building a list in something you know inside out and love. Right?

If you know your market that well, then the best person to write the copy is… you.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a copywriter or not. You can use any template. Heck, plugins like Thrive Content Builder even come with suggestions in their templates.

Time and again I have pitted myself against some of the best copywriters in one of the niches I run a business. Without fail my copy always out-performs them.

Is that because I’m a better copywriter? Nope.

If we were writing a sales letter for cold traffic in a niche I knew nothing about, they’d probably kick my ass on performance.

But we’re not.

We’re writing about a market I know inside out, to a list I have a strong relationship with.

The result… the list knows my voice, it resonates with them when they see it on a sales page, and I know what they need to hear to make a purchase.

So I always out-perform a hired copywriter in those markets.

Here are two things you need to do:

  1. Stop worrying about it.
  2. Use a basic template and write something and start selling, you can improve on it later but if you don’t start selling there’s 100% you will make zero sales!


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