Struggling Online? Here’s Why!

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In my email yesterday I critiqued Catherine’s email subject line which stated that 95% of internet marketers fail.

But that depends on your definition of success.

Personally I think it’s higher.

I reckon it’s much closer to 99% of internet marketers fail.


Because the goal for most people starting in internet marketing, is to make enough money to afford to live the lifestyle.

You want to gain the freedom to be the master of your own time whilst still being able to take nice holidays and enjoy the time you now have available.

And I’d be surprised if there were more than 1% of internet marketers actually doing that.

Yeah, some will be making a few dollars here and there. But not the kind of money you can live off, let alone the kind of money that’s going to give you a luxury lifestyle.

Before I tell you why I think that happens… There are loads of opinions out there, loads of ways to do things. This newsletter is made up of my opinions and the way I do things.

I always get someone saying that they know other people do it differently and make a shit load of cash.

Yup. They do.

Good for them.

This is how I do it and why I think other people generally work waaaay to hard 😉

Anyhoo, here is why I think that 99% of internet marketers fail…

They set themselves up for failure.

Oh no you didn’t!

You read that right, if you’re struggling I just blamed you for your own failure.

How many times have you bought a product just because it says it can make you rich without doing any work?

How many times have you given up on something you bought because it didn’t work first time and then blamed the product?

We’ve all done it. I sure as hell have, many times.

Until I manned up and told myself that the only person responsible for me not succeeding was me. I had to put the time in to learn how to do something. If it didn’t work first time, then I needed to change what I was doing slightly and try again.

Bottom line…

If it’s working for someone else then it works. That doesn’t mean it will work for you in exactly the same way. Take what they’re doing, try it out and then adjust it until it works for you.

Harsh. Maybe.

True. Definitely.

I’m writing a book that gives a step-by-step guide to the process I’ve used to build six-figure businesses in less than a year. It will work for some people, won’t for others because they won’t put the effort in to make it work.


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