Holly’s just walked out the door for her driving lesson, and I know within about 15 minutes she’s going to have sweaty palms because she finds driving lessons stressful.

Before she left we were having a cup of coffee with breakfast and I said to her that although she didn’t like it, she just had to get her head down, focus and learn how to do it as quickly as possible by practising as much as possible.

Because once she’s got her driving license if she needs to drive then she can, if she doesn’t need to and doesn’t enjoy it then she can let someone else drive for her (that’ll be me!).

It’s the same thing with your business. There’s gonna be things to do you just hate. That’s just how it is. Take a big breath, suck it up, learn to do it as well and effectively as possible and then you can do it. When you can afford someone else to do it for you then you’ll have the bonus of knowing if they’re doing it well.

And that’s a big bonus believe me.

Probably the thing I hear most people complain about is writing headlines.

Which is weird, because online you’re writing headlines all the time.

They’re one of the most important parts of sales copy, they’re the subject line of every email and they’re the first part of any blog post.

So whether you like them or not, you’re gonna be writing them. Here are three steps to do them quickly and effectively.

1. Just sit down and write. Don’t think about them or try and craft the perfect one. Put your pen on paper and write the first ten things that come to your head. They might be a load of crap, but that doesn’t matter. Just write.

2. Read them out loud. This will tell you what they sound like to your prospects when they read them. Cross out any that sound horrendous and you should be down to just a few.

3. Check if the headline converts some form of urgency, shock or something that is unique. You want people to spend a moment thinking about it because then you’ve hooked them in. For example…. don’t say “Let Me Show You How To Make $500”. That’s boring as f**k, been seen a thousand times and nobody cares. However if you say… “My Mutt Made Me $500, And This Is How…” that’s interesting, it’s unique, and something doesn’t quite sit right. After all, how the heck can a dog make money like that!

And if you want to optimise your headlines, then here’s the badger.


Over and out.


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