The 10 Stages Of A Quitter (inside)

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Are you fed up and pissed off?

Have you had enough of people telling you that they make a shitload of money online and it’s really easy?

Did your latest attempt at making money online result in you spending money, to get someone to tell you what to do, and then not make a cent back?

So here’s the thang…

This has happened to every single person who ever tried to start a business online.

You’re not alone!

The lifecycle of getting started online is:

#1 You get super-excited about your the new business you’re gonna make, and the lifestyle you’ll have when it’s up and running.

#2 You realise that you’re not really sure how to do things so you go out and Google it, join a bunch of mailing lists, start getting a shite load of emails and buy some courses.

#3 You’ve been trying to do everything on all the courses, and hold down a full time job. It’s a huge amount of work, you’re not making any money and it’s starting to stress you out.

#4 You’re tired, broke from having bought really expensive courses, and starting to feel down about the whole thing. You’re family are starting to question whether this is a real business or a con.

#5 It’s all too much and you decide that you’re going to quit!

At this point, it’s the folk who push through that make it. And here’s why…

#6 You accept that all the sales pages telling you how easy it is to make money online are talking shite, this is going to be hard work if you want to make it a success.

#7 Your expectations change, you’re no longer expecting to be rich quickly, now you’re just tryinbg to find any way to make a single sale. Starting small and getting bigger when you’ve figured it out.

#8 The first few sales come in and it feels like the best thing ever. Yup, they cost you a small fortune in time and money to get, but you’ve done it. Now it’s a question of trying to repeat it!

#9 You’re beginning to get some traction and your mailing list is beginning to grow. With the few sales coming in you can re-invest in some traffic and testing software to optimise your landing and sales pages, whilst all the time continuing to create awesome content.

#10 You suddenly realise you’re making enough to pay yourself each month, heck you may be making more money than your full time job. Now you’re in the enviable position of deciding whether you want to quit your job and go full time online!

I’ve not met anybody who has a successful online business who hasn’t progressed through these ten stages of success.

I guarantee that the lack of results will make you want to quit.

But, it’s the folk who keep pushing that are the ones who make it to stage 10. All you’ve got to ask yourself is…

…are you going to make it there?



P.S. This journey is why I always say you should love whatever market you’re going into.

CLUE: Most people go into the “make money online market” because someone tells them to. They know nothing about how to do it, they’re not interested in it except for their own self-benefit.

TIP: If you want to be successful you not only have to know what you’re talking about, you have to love writing (making videos, photographing etc..) about it as well. It’s going to be a while before it pays you and if you don’t enjoy it then you’ll be one of the quitters at stage 5!

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