The benefits of needing neuro-surgery

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And welcome to spring time.

We’ve got sunshine and heat for the first time this year in the UK.


There’s no doubt that it makes you feel a lot better having some sunshine.

Holly and I are planning a holiday at the moment, and it turns out that to insure Max for five days in Spain will cost us £270.


If we want to get him travel insurance in Europe for the year, then it’s a few pennies shy of £500, and to go to the USA we’re looking at £1100!

Such is the benefit of possibility needing a neuro-surgical operation at any time.

Anyhoo. We’ve decided that for a five day holiday, and we won’t get any more than that this year because Holly is pregnant again, it’s not going to be worth it.

Instead we’re going to go on a UK holiday with him, and Holly and I will go abroad for some sun and sand without him this year.

(which secretly sounds rather nice)

Then next year we’ll get him a full years travel insurance, and get abroad for at least a month so we get the maximum use of it.

Although that will mean travelling with a two year old and a one year old. Any advice will be much appreciated!

That makes the next question… where do Holly and I go to on our own?

Personally, I’m leaning towards going to the Maldives for a week.

But hey, I’m only 20% of the decision 😉

I’ll keep you posted, and will almost certainly be posting photographs when I get there.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. It was great to welcome a couple more people into our Zuzaman Slack group.

I’ve spent a few hours this morning improving the speed of email sending from the Zuzaman servers, and if you want to help me test this, you can join the Slack group at:


See you on the inside.

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