The cost of a holiday

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I cannot get my head around the cost of a holiday. It seems to be so foreign to me that it’s impossible to work out what’s good value and what isn’t.

So I’m asking you for your help!

What do you consider to be a good price for a luxury week away for two?

And can anybody tell me why it’s as expensive to do a three hour flight as it is to go somewhere twelve hours away.

As somebody who’s primarily travelled for extended periods of time, I seem to be incapable of comprehending what a holliday should cost.

Either way, I’m going to be booking one in the next couple of days, so please hit the reply button and let me know your thoughts.

In the meantime, my emails have been a bit on the shorter side at the moment, and that’s because I’ve got a load on my plate. But they’ll begin to get longer again in the very near future.



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