The darkness

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Some days just suck, there’s no other way to say it.

BeeBee (my dog) and I have been on our own in the house for the last week, and probably for the next week or so because we’re doing building work and I don’t want Max around the dust.

I’ve never been a routine person, but the older I get the more I miss the small things we do each day.

Anyhoo… Holly’s been staying with her mum next door, and that means after Max has gone to bed we cook some dinner and bring it back to our house, and watch a bit of T.V.

The result… I’ve been going to bed a lot later than normal.

Which means I’m tireder than normal!

This morning I ws planning on walking the dog, so the alarm went off at 6:30am. However, after just five hours sleep, I didn’t manage to get up until 7:20am.

When I eventually got up, it was pitch black and pouring with rain.

Man… I friggin hate that!

Luckily BeeBee doesn’t like walking in the pouring rain, so I let her into the garden instead.

What’s the problem with all this?

I knew from the moment that I got up this morning it was going to take me a while to get into work today.

I was going to be less efficient, and I’d get less done. I always do when I’m tired.

So, here’s my little piece of advice for Monday morning…

Try and get a good nights sleep before you start work.

If you do that, combined with the other methods I’ve shown you of working efficiently, such as these ones, you’ll get through a days work before most people have even woken up properly.

And that’s what will allow you to have the lifestyle you want 😉



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