We had Holly’s family staying for the weekend. This included her mum, two cousins and her cousins four children (all under 6 years old).

Oh yeah, and three dogs that Holly’s mum was looking after.

This caused a problem that we haven’t had before.

You see, our dog BeeBee is trained to go to the toilet in certain areas of the garden. That means I can go out in the morning, pick anything up very quickly, and the kids won’t run in it.


But this weekend, the three other dogs weren’t trained like that. So how do we make sure that the kids didn’t run or crawl into dog poo?

We came up with the ‘dog poo monitor’ game.

The two oldest girls had to go round the garden and see if they could find any dog poo, so their younger sisters wouldn’t walk into it. When they found some, they had to come and find me so I could go and pick it up.

Obviously, they were under strict instructions not to touch it when they found it.

And did it work?

Dang, it worked incredibly.

Not only did they not touch it, they turned it into a game where they were counting how many they’d found to try and be the best ‘dog poo monitor’.

As I was picking up my tenth dog poo of the day, I’d never realised how much there is when you have four dogs in your house!, it occurred to me that this was the dream of internet marketers.

Not picking up poo, unless you’re slightly odd, but getting others to do your work for you and self-motivating to do better.

It’s called gamification.

You can turn anything into a game. Heck, if we can turn picking up poo into a game, then literally anything can be made into a game!

Here’s an example…

You need to drive traffic to your website. Well, why don’t you get your website visitors to send you more traffic.

Start by getting them to register, once they’ve registered, turn promoting your website into a game.

Ask them to:

  1. Post on Facebook
  2. Tweet
  3. Google Plus
  4. Instagram an image of them holding a notice
  5. Send an email to their list
  6. Create a funny video and share it on YouTube

Heck, there’s loads of things you can ask them to do, and, depending on the time each takes, you can award different amounts of points.

The points can then be exchanged for your products, cash prizes, access to private FB groups or pretty much anything else you can think of.

The purpose is… to make generating the traffic to your website entertaining and a challenge. Hell, you can throw up a leaderboard in your members area to show who’s got the most points.

It works, it’s easy, and it can exponentially grow your list. After all, if one person sends you ten leads, and each of those leads sends you ten leads, and each of those send you… well, you get the idea!

What’s left?

Oh yeah, a method of selling to those leads.

Which you’ll find inside the dusky pages of…




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