The efficiency of a headmistress

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Sometimes you just have to admit that you’re not very good at things. It’s something that we all find hard to do, and it’s something I’ve just done.

I’m very good at organising my own time, but I’m not very good at…

Building business processes so the business runs efficiently

My business has grown organically, which has it’s benefits, but also has some big negatives.

One of the biggest negatives is that…

…it makes it nearly impossible to grow past a certain point, because the structure required isn’t there to focus on the most important elements.

That’s one of the problems I see with a lot of internet marketers, they’re working on a day-by-day basis with very little planning or preparation.

Over the years, I’ve tried numerous times to plan more effectively, to run the business 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year in advance, so that everything is scheduled out and everyone in our team knows exactly what’s happening when.

And every time it’s worked… for a few weeks, before it just kinda stops happening.

So this time I’ve brought in the big guns…

My mum.

Who’s epicly good at business planning and administration!

Having setup multiple international schools, and then been the head until they’re running effectively, means she knows what she’s talking about.

And now… she’s joining my team 🙂

Already I can see processes going in place that are going to make a difference. Our work calendar is filling up with a proper schedule, everything has it’s time and place, which means…

  • It’s going to get done faster
  • We’ll know exactly when every job will be finished
  • There’ll be less stress due to planning
  • I’ll be able to spend more time focusing on growth

After all, running your own business is all about growth, assuming you’ve got product quality and profit margins in place.

What does this mean for you?

It means I’m going to share with you the decades of experience my mum has in making organisations run efficiently.

And, the first thing I’ve learnt is all about Organograms.

Which are these awesome things that I’ll explain in my next email.

Until then, remember to find the things you’re not good at, find someone who is, and bring them into your business to do it for you.

Over and out,


P.S. This morning I did a couple of Facebook Live videos on my Facebook page, showing the cement being poured into the foundations of our building.

And I kinda enjoyed it!

So I’ve made this new post asking what you’d like me to talk about in future live videos.

It could be about business, marketing, lifestyle or just what the hecks going on in my life.

Either way, head over here and let me know 😉

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