I went to my first session of Les Mills Body Balance at the gym yesterday, and it was good. It reminded me of what we use to do each morning when I was at drama school.

It’s all about relaxing, stretching, building core strength through balance, and calming your mind in preparation for the day ahead.

The group of ladies doing it, I was the only man except for the instructor, got chatting to me afterwards and we began talking about what I did.

Whaddya know… some of them have started their own online businesses.

And they were struggling.

A few minutes later, I was being bombarded with questions, and looking around to find a way to make my escape.

But then it dawned on me, they all had the same issue.

All the questions were highlighting one thing…


Everything they were doing online was chaos. There was no planning or structure to any of it.

Which is exactly the same thing I see in 99% of online businesses, new and old.

There’s so much to do you panic, and try to do everything, which ain’t never gonna work.

To make it even more ironic, these ladies had all just finished a class about focusing their minds and relaxing, while their online businesses were the complete opposite. Unfocused and stressful.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Think of your goal. I’m not talking about making money here, what do you want to help someone achieve.
  2. Work out the quickest way for them to achieve that, and turn it into your product.
  3. Find out where your potential customers hang out, and buy an ad there which sends them to your email list.
  4. Send them an email each day with some advice, and a link to your product.

Wham bam thank you mam.

Four steps to a relaxed online business.

Wanna hand putting it all together step-by-step?

You know where to go…



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