The Facebook Account You MUST Have But Nobody Ever Told You

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I’ve lost count of the number of courses I’ve seen showing you how to run Facebook Ads. And not a single one of them tells you the account you MUST have if you want to do it successfully.

You run Facebook ads by logging into your Facebook account and going to Ad Manager right?

Which makes you the same as 99% of people out there.

But that’s the wrong way to do it.

If you’re running Facebook Ads, then you should have a Business Manager Account.

That’s what the serious players do, because as your business grows, if you run ads from your personal account, you’re only going to end up getting headaches later on.

A Facebook business account allows you to actually run ad campaigns for yourself, and others, as a business. Control who sees what, who has access to what and more.

But most businesses don’t know about it!

It’s quick to setup, can make a huge difference, and…

Penny Clicks Academy is the first Facebook Ad course I’ve ever seen that recommends it.

If you wanna make Facebook pages with thousands of Likes and viral interactions, you don’t wanna be missing out on this bad boy.


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