The five-year old who taught me about life

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I learned a big lesson from a little girl this week. She came to visit us with her dad, who’s one of my best friends, and we were in a soft-play area when she brought me some of those ball pit balls and said…

Can you juggle

Well, here’s the thing… I used to be able to juggle.

Like properly juggle. I loved circus skills when I was a kid, and at one point, I could juggle four clubs.

So obviously I said…

Juggle? You bet, I’m a professional!

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those ball pit balls, but they’re pretty big. In fact they’re so damn big I could barely fit two of them in my hands.

As I stood up, the entire area we were sitting in went quiet.


Everybody’s watching, I better not screw this up.

Zoe was looking at me with a mixture of excitement and hesitance, as if she didn’t really believe I could do it.

Which was kinda how I was feeling at the time as well.

I took a deep breath, focused, pretended I was 14 years old again (when I was really good at this stuff) and threw the balls in the air.

Holy crap, I could still juggle.

I looked at Zoe and saw her face staring in surprise, and pleasure, and the fact that I could actually juggle, and that made me smile. In fact, it made me really happy to have given her such a moment of joy.

Finishing with a simple trick, I got a round of applause, and went back to my seat with a very excited little girl.

It had made her day.

And what she taught me is…

Everything you should do in life should be focused on giving someone joy.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your friends 5 year old daughter, the readers of your newsletter, or your customers.

Your aim should be to make people happy. Give people joy, and if you give people joy, you’ll find that they give you what you want.

Not only that, but you get what you want and you get the most incredible feeling of fulfilment with it.

Which is why I love to hear from you. I love the emails I get every day in response to this newsletter. If you’ve not emailed me before, then hit the Reply button now and say hello. You don’t have to have a question, or a reason, just introduce yourself 🙂


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