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Have you ever asked yourself what your biggest internet marketing hurdle is?

Usually most people get stuck on product creation and traffic generation.

The most common email I get is like this…

I understand everything, and I know I can make it work, but I can’t think of a good product to create, everything has already been made.


Can you help my get traffic that actually converts? I’ve got an incredible product, but I just can’t get hot traffic to it in order to make sales

Traffic generation I’ll cover in another email, because right now I want to focus on on product generation.

More importantly, I want to focus on generating the ideas for products.

Because here’s the thing, creating a product is easy. Coming up with the idea for the product is what most folk struggle with.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

That’s a mindset thang!

The easiest product to start with is an info-product.

An info-product is a product that trains your customer how to do something,

How do you come up with endless ideas for these products?

By doing this…

1) Write a list of everything you know how to do in your niche (min. of 25 items)

2) Write a list of everything that a beginner would need to get up to speed

3) Write a list of everything a person of intermediate experience would need

4) Write a list of everything a person with experience would need

Go back to the list you made in step 1, and next to each item put a 2, 3 or 4 depending on what level of experience would be required.

If some of the items on your list are so simple that they can’t be built out into a sizeable product, mark them as lead-generation items. You can turn these into free products for your visitors to get by opting into your mailing list.

You now have a list of products to make.

Always remember that…

Even the simplest thing to you, is valuable to someone who doesn’t know how to do it

I’ll give you an example in tomorrows email 😉


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