I’m reading this book at the moment that’s all about how intelligent dogs are. Heck, they’re now using dogs as early detectors of cancer because they can smell the disease before we can see it.

That blows my mind.


In this book there’s all kind of research and tests into how intelligent dogs really are, and there’s one thing that struck me.

They’re intelligent because they’re simple.

What I mean by that, is they don’t try to over-complicate things.

And if there’s one thing humans are good at, it’s making the simplest shit complicated. We have to over-complicate everything.

99% of the time this process of complication is just for us. To make us feel like we’re doing something more important or something better when we’re not. In fact, most of the time it’d be much better if we just simplified the hell out of it.

One example is Dan, who I’ve been chatting with in our Facebook group. He’s setting himself up a website and got all kinds of cool things going on, and he’s done his homework. He wants to get a blog running, landing pages, thank you pages, free guides for opting into his list, bonuses for affiliate offers, surveys and a ton more.

Which is all pretty awesome, and exactly where you want to be.

But my advice to him… if you try and do that all at once you’re gonna get overwhelmed. It’s too much and it’s too complicated. You don’t need it all at once.

Start with the most important thing and when you’ve go that rockin, add something else in.

Simplify your business, don’t make it more complicated.

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