The Haribo Lifestyle

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Man, I love Haribo.

Like seriously love them.

I don’t really like chocolate, or desserts. But I love junk sweets. The type that used to be called penny sweets, but these days are waaaaay more than a single penny.

And because I love them… we always have a big bowl of sweets on our coffee table, just in case of an emergency 🙂

If you’ve ever seen the Haribo adverts, then you’ll know they’re full of colour and people who are super-happy with everything.

That’s the lifestyle we want.

Okay, the folk in those adverts are kinda irritating. But we want our lives to be full of colour, fun and excitement. Which, in other words, means…

By the time we’re coming towards the end of our lives, we want to have done everything we wanted to, achieved everything we wanted to, and be happy.

That means you need one thing… time.

Time is the most precious commodity you own.

And to maximise your time, to do all that awesome colourful stuff, you need to be able to work the minimal amount of time possible, and do it from anywhere in the world.

Which means you need to run an internet based business. And your business model needs to be super-simple.

* Keep moving parts to a minimum, more of those just means more time fixing them when they break.

* Keep staff to a minimum, more of them means more support.

* Make your business scaleable. So it can grow, unstopped, until it’s however big you want it to be.

And the folk on Business Ignition are already beginning to rock that.


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