The Hounds Of Pain

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I took our dog, BeeBee, to the vet this morning. Nothing serious, just her routine check-up. Whenever I take her to the vet, she gets a bit-over excited and starts to pull on the lead.

Which normally is fine.

But today… ouch!

Because I recently re-joined the gym, and did my first class, a Les Mills body pump class. And damn it, my arms feel like they’re about to drop off the side of my body.

It doesn’t matter how I move, they hurt. It even hurts to type. And…

…I did this class nearly a week ago!

From previous gyming (is that a word?) experience, I know that the only way to get through it, is by going to another class. Heck, I’d have gone to one a lot sooner, but with family and friends visiting this week, I just haven’t had the chance.

It’s a bit like falling off a bike, the sooner you pick it up and get back on, the better it is.

And that’s exactly the same as internet marketing.

You go through the pain of learning. You fall off the bike, and if you want to succeed then there’s only one thing you can do… pick it up and get back on again. Immediately.

Don’t fanny around wondering if you should try it this way or that way next time. If you can’t decide, then write the options on pieces of paper, fold them up, put them in a bowl and pick one out.

Because it actually doesn’t matter!

All that matters is you immediately get up and start going again.



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