The Hunger Angel

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There are two types of people, some always need more and others are happy when they’ve got what they want.

The first type are the folks who, I believe, have a hunger angel on their shoulder. They have something that keeps driving them to do more and more and more. They never have enough.

These are the people who become the billionaires of the world.

Me… I don’t want to be a billionaire.

I like to have enough to live comfortably, and then I want to spend as much time with my friends and family as possible.

That’s far more important to me than being the world’s richest man, or having loads of ‘stuff’.

And the way I do that, is by running an online business. By being an internet marketer.

Take yesterday for example…

…the conservation officer was here, the architects were here, one of Holly’s friends was in a play in the afternoon, which resulted in me doing very little work.

Did it matter? No.

I don’t have to be in work at specific times.

I don’t have to do a minimum amount of hours each day.

I don’t have to work from a specific place.

Which means if I have a day like yesterday, it’s great, I can just enjoy the day and worry about everything tomorrow.

How I do this, is what I share inside the Business Ignition magazines.

Take next month’s magazine for example, for the first time ever I’m sharing the S.T.E.M. method. All you need is to implement one thing from each of these steps, each month, and your business will grow.


If you wanna know more about it, then you’ve still got the weekend before it goes to print.

Over and out.


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