The internet marketers guide to training lions

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Did you ever want to join the circus?

Me, I sure did. When I was a kid I even learnt some circus skills. I could juggle up to four balls, clubs and fire sticks. I could do advanced sleight of hand card magic, and I could do basic tricks with the diablo. Man, I even did bits of magic in shows at the Edinburgh Festival when I was about 12 years old.


I never progressed much farther than that, except for my first trial of the trapeze a few weeks back.

But these days I teach the taming of lions to internet marketers. And internet marketing can be way more fearsome than any circus trick.

Because internet marketing can become all-consuming. It can soak up your time and your life. It can make you wish you’d never got into it, or question whether anybody actually makes any money doing it.

Internet marketing is a dangerous animal, and if you want to wrestle with a dangerous animal, then you need to have the right tools to wrestle them with.

I help people learn those tools. I help people tame that dangerous animal so it does what they want, when they want it.

And most of the time, I do this one-to-one, or in speeches to teams, and it costs them thousands of dollars.

After all, it’s a decade of experience, hard lessons, and success they’re skipping by letting me guide them.

But now, I’m offering to teach you how to tame the wild beast. I’m offering to show you techniques I’ve never before shared outside of these private training sessions.

And… all it’s going to cost is $97.

If you think that’s expensive, then you’re not ready to invest in your business. Hell, you may even want to consider whether you should be running a business.

I mean, that’s $3.23 a day!

Most people will spend that on some crap from a coffee shop by the time they’re barely out of bed.

So you can afford it. The question is… do you believe in yourself enough to change your life forever.


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