Also known as the Messiah complex, the Christ complex or the Saviour complex. This is when someone believes they are destined to become a saviour.

Is it me, or have you noticed that a lot of the gurus in the IM space seem to have this complex?

There are endless sales pages of people writing about how they’re going to be the saviour, they’re going to make you rich, yada yada yada.

Nothing is more boring than hearing someone tell you that they’re going to be your saviour.

If that’s your cup of tea, then you’re going to be better off on somebody else’s mailing list, because that’s the exact kinda thing I hate.

And you won’t be getting any of it from me.

Instead, I’m going to be giving you methods, techniques, strategies and advice that will enable you to build a business online.

I’m not in the business of making saviours. I’m in the business of helping you make money.

And one way is to understand whether your traffic source is profitable.

There are lots of ways to do this…

  1. Find the lifetime value of your customer
  2. Spend twice as much on advertising as you make on the product
  3. Spend more on advertising than your product and “buy” customers

Personally, I think there’s a much easier way…

Work out your EPC’s.

Let’s say you’re promoting an affiliate offer, your account rep tells you that the EPC (earnings per click) for the offer is currently sitting at $1.62

Great. That means you could afford, in theory, to spend up to $1.62 per click and break-even.

But your traffic may not convert as well, that’s something that’s very important to understand.

So… you send 500 clicks of your best traffic to the offer and you have an EPC of $0.67.

Your first reaction may be to get angry with your account rep. But hey, he doesn’t know your traffic sources or how responsive they are. He’s just giving you a number across his network.

What’s changed?

You’ve lost $0.95 per click, if you were paying $1.62 a click, on each of the five hundred clicks. No problem, chalk it up to research.

You gotta do your research to make your numbers work.

But what you know now is that you can only pay $0.67 per click from your traffic source to make it viable.

Head back to your traffic provider and ask them for clicks at $0.40, expect them to say no and then negotiate a price based on volume and assurance the quality remains the same.

If you agree at $0.50, and the traffic remains the same quality, then you’re making $0.17 per click, or $170 every thousand clicks sent.

Talk about a simple way to make money online 😉


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