The Job I Hate

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Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do. That includes managing staff.

As you know, I’m now a director and shareholder in a construction company.

Recently it became obvious that not everybody understood what I expected of them.

The guys who’ve been working and managing people in this industry for years have a certain way of dealing with people, and it’s a way that will never work for me. It’s just not who I am.

When you’re in this situation, it means that you’ve got to find your own way to make sure people understand what you expect.

It’s not a fun job, but it has to be done.

Personally, I expect people to turn up and do the work they’re paid to do, without anybody having to chase, hassle and cajole them into doing it.

If they don’t, then you’ve got to make sure that they understand they won’t be paid.

Staff are the number one most expensive element of running a business. If they’re not producing a reasonable amount of work in a day, it’s going to start costing you, a lot.

When I first started I used to outsource all sorts of work. After all, you read everywhere about outsourcing and spending your days sipping drinks from a sun lounger.

What nobody writes about, is that the more people you employ, the more you have to manage them.

Never forget that the people working for you don’t own the business. They won’t have the same motivation as you, and they’ll not be as efficient as you.

That means… that if you can do something in four hours, it may take someone working for you six hours.

And that = it costs more to your business than you were planning!

So, whether you like it or not, you need to make sure that the folk you employ work to your expectations or you need to let them go.



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