The lost treasure of Crowland

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We’re about to start having, what will be the babies room, redone. In one corner, the ceiling has bowed downwards and we’re having to remove it to see why.

That’s when I got to negotiating the price with the builders.

Where we live there’s a legend of hidden gold. It comes from a huge abbey, which is around 1000 years old, and a few centuries back a whole heap of gold went missing.

It’s always been believed to have been kept locally, but nobody knows.

While I was negotiating on the price, I mentioned that I thought the gold may be the reason the ceiling was bowing down. After all, we’re in the oldest house in town and it’s always a possibility.

That little story saved me nearly a thousand dollars.

Everyone loves a story, and particularly one that’s personal. We’re using a local building company, and so they know the story, and also know there’s the tiniest of chances it could be true.

It’s exactly the same process as writing a sales letter, you tell a story and make the sale. Asking for a lower price on a service, is the same as selling a product, you’re simply selling them the benefits of doing the work for less than they wanted to.

Of course, we could have redone the room ourselves, but sometimes it’s just nice to get someone else too do things for you.

Kinda like how Sarah Staar has put together these 101 free traffic strategies:

Why waste time trying to figure them out on your own, when someone else has done it for you. Particularly when they’re giving them away for free!


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