Over here in the UK, we have a huge supermarket chain called Tesco’s. They have a range of products like these:


Looks good right?

Nice, wholesome, farm made produce. That’s what everybody wants, and they sell it by the ton.

But here’s the thing…

…none of those products are from wholesome farms.

(and they charge more for them because they’re supposed to be)

They’re mass-produced, like all their other products, but the marketing department have gone and slapped on names and branding, that makes it ‘look like’ they’re from wholesome farms.

Clever stuff.

There’s a bit of an out-cry going on about it at the moment. Which I get, because they’re selling a product as something that it’s not. I don’t like that, and they’re charging more because of what it’s supposed to be.

Anyhoo… as a lesson in marketing, it’s pretty friggin awesome.

Because it follows one of the primary principles of selling:

Sell what your customers ‘think’ they want.

Yes, it should align with what the product actually does, but your sales pitch has to be about what they desire, or think they desire (and the two aren’t necessarily the same).

To do this without any Tesco-like jiggery pokery, and still make bucket-loads of sales, you simply need to follow the methods I share in Business Ignition.



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