Paid traffic.

That’s the real secret.

It’s the difference between having a hobby and a business. Everybody loves a new strategy or secret technique. The truth is, very little has appeared in internet marketing that’s truly new. It boils down to the same things…

  1. Get leads
  2. Send them emails
  3. Sell your product

You can wrap this in a thousand different covers. You can send emails with content and build relationships or just hit hard promos. But it boils down to the same three steps.

People love to buy products that show you how to do excellent SEO. They love products which show you how to do article marketing, build Twitter followings and Facebook fans.


Because this kind of marketing is perceived as free. But it’s not. In fact it’s some of the most expensive marketing you can do.

Yeah Twitter is great… for relationship building.

A website is awesome… for branding and content.

What’s going to make you money? Your email list.

How do you build that rapidly? With paid traffic.

The hours you send writing articles and sharing them across sites costs you time. The hours you spend on social media costs you time.

What do you get paid at work? $10 an hour? $50 an hour?

If you’re on $10 an hour and you spend ten hours a week doing all that ”free” stuff and you generate 10 leads then each lead has cost you $10.


Buy some traffic, spend $100 on it (the time you’ve spent), get 30 to 40 leads ($0.40c per lead) and go work in your job for an extra ten hours to pay for that traffic.

That’s way more efficient. And when you’ve realised that you’ll be head and shoulders above most marketers. Then you can start working out how to make that traffic self-liquidating.

Because when you do that you’ll be unstoppable!

But more about that in my next email.

Over and out.


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