The sandwich bag of death

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Some days, I open my fridge, and think that we’ve been invaded by sandwich bags. I mean seriously, how many sandwich bags do we need to use. Apparently a lot. Everything has to go in one.

But here’s the thing…

Leave something in a sandwich bag too long, and it just rots.

It’s like a sandwich bag of death.

God knows how much we spend on these little plastic packets, but I reckon it’s a pretty hefty amount.

Sandwich bags is how I see most people’s internet marketing.

They come up with an idea, or they get someone else’s idea, and then only focus on that. It’s like putting that idea in a sandwich bag, nothing is allowed in or out, that bag is sealed and is never being opened.

What happens?

The only thing that can happen if you don’t let it breathe… it dies.

The system your using stops working, if it ever started working.

Internet marketing is about reacting. It’s fine to take other people’s processes and ideas and put them into your sandwich bag, but you’ve got to let them breathe.

You’ve got to say…

Well this works for me, but that doesn’t seem to be so effective, so I’ll drop that bit and try something different.

If you’re not reacting to your personal results in your business, then you’ll fail. Yeah, something may work really well for someone else, that doesn’t 100% mean it’s going to work well for you. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. You’ve got to take the idea and run with it, adapt it for your needs, and then start adding in your own ideas when you see which bits work for you and which don’t.

Stand still, and your business will start to crumble.

One sandwich that doesn’t rot however, is the one Jason shares in his Payday Tornado product. Don’t forget to hit me up when you’ve watched the last video. The six minute thirty five second mark is the most interesting bit, and that in itself is worth hundreds of dollars in easy sales.


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