The Science of Unknowing

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Twenty five years ago, that’s quarter of a century, my grandfather had a heart attack.

At the time he got the best treatment available and made a full recovery. What they were saying then, is that you shouldn’t drink wine or eat red meat, except for rarely.

And he didn’t.

Even if he’d wanted to my grandma wouldn’t have allowed it, and even he never crossed my grandma.

Then, about a decade later, it turned out that drinking wine and eating red meat was fine. It didn’t make a huge difference, it was something else you should stay away from instead.

Another decade later, that changed again.

Which makes you wonder…

What the heck were they basing their previous advice on?!

Medicine is all about science. There are lots of very clever people, doing clever people stuff in laboratories around the world, coming up with lots of scientific evidence and…

…just a few years later they turn around and say “Sorry folks, we got that wrong… again!”.

Well, email was invented in 1972, which makes it forty four years old.

Since then it’s been pretty much the best method of selling online. Yeah, every now and then someone comes along and says it’s all finished for email, but they’re probably saying that by sending an email.

In those forty years of success, it’s never once been bettered. Which kinda makes it more successful than most of modern medical science!

Truth is…

If you wanna make money online, then you’re gonna need to send emails.

And I use Aweber to do just that.

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