In the internet marketing world, marketers are selling all sorts of products to teach you how to market. Recently there’s been a fair few Facebook Advertising strategies being sold using the big Jeff Walker style launch.

You know the kind… they start with an optin form to get your email, then you go through a series of videos designed to build trust and give proof of the products results before you get the sales page.

The whole thing takes a few weeks.

And they work well.

Why do they work well? Because they generate hype.

Personally I almost never optin to them anymore. I’ve seen too many of them, worked on many more and generally find watching hours of video that really don’t tell you much pretty dull.

But here’s the thing… 99% of people who optin are doing it because they want to improve their marketing. But 99% of people who optin are doing the wrong thing.

They’re listening to what’s being said in the videos to learn as much as possible.

No, no my friend.

That’s not the way to do it.

Next time you optin to one of these launches, look at what they’re doing in the launch not the product they’re selling.


Because most of the time what they’re selling is completely different to how they’re selling it.

And let’s be honest, wouldn’t you rather see how to do a multi-million dollar launch than buy into the product that’s making them those dollars 😉



HINT: It’s always in the email list.

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