The secret life of Roald Dahl

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Not many people know this. Heck, I didn’t know it until a few days ago, but Roald Dahl had a secret life!

If you’ve been on my mailing list for the last few weeks, then you’ll know that my son, Max, was born with Hydrocephalus. Which means he had to have a shunt put into to his brain to drain the excess fluid from it.

Well, on one of our hospital appointments to check up on it, I got chatting to the nurse, and discovered that…

…the modern day shunt was designed by Roald Dahl.

Yes, the same Roald Dahl that has sold 250 million children’s books around the world.

Of course, there have been some updated versions since his design in the sixties, but he’s responsible for the idea.

It happened like this…

His son was in a car accident, and the injury caused him to get Hydrocephalus (excess fluid on the brain). At the time, there was only one type of shunt available, and it had a lot of problems.

The biggest problem, was to do with blocking. Particularly in situations like his son’s, where the brain was having numerous small bleeds.

These would block the shunt, and then an operation would need to be done to remove it and fit another one.

So, good ole’ Roald, decided this wasn’t acceptable.

He got in touch with a friend who was an RAF engineer, and a neurosurgeon, and designed a completely new shunt. One that almost never got blocked, and was far less likely to get infected.

By the time it’d been put through it’s paces and released, his son no longer needed one, but the rest of the world was forever grateful.

Isn’t that incredible!

And… it goes to show that you don’t have to be an expert in something to be able to be a success.

You need a desire, a drive, and a passion for it.

If you have those three things, then you can achieve success in whatever you choose.

Once you know what your desire, drive and passion is for, then you want to need to monetize it.

Which is what Business Ignition does like rocket fuel.


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