Robert recently said this in our Facebook group:

As far as getting started I’ve tried myself now three different times with my own venture, and I continue to read and respond to his emails. In some way or another these emails and information aren’t just for one specific thing. If you are able to actually read into what Michael is telling everyone, its relatable in any situation where you are trying to be successful in life. In other words its great advice and if it doesn’t come to you at first keep reading and ask simple questions that can get simple responses. Then build.

He just gets it.

He’s tried his own venture three different times now. That tells me that if it doesn’t work the first time, he picks himself up and tries again with a different way, different approach, different style.

That’s probably the biggest key.

We learn fastest by failing.

If you want to build rapidly, you need to learn to fail rapidly.

And it’s never been easier to fail rapidly than online, because you can implement things so damn quickly.

Let’s just take one subject… List Building.

  1. You need a landing page.
  2. You need traffic.

If you’ve already built your landing page and used Facebook traffic, ask yourself if it worked. If the answer is no, try solo ads, if that doesn’t work try other PPC platforms.

If none of them work, step back and look at the overall picture.

When none of the major traffic sources are working for you, is it likely to be the traffic, or what you’re doing with it.

At this point, you’d probably go… it’s most likely something I’m doing with it.


…you choose a traffic source and find out how it’s working for the people that are using it.

But how the heck do I do that?

Well, if you choose solo ads, which are one of my favourites, choose a provider of them, ask them for an example of one of their landing pages which work for their traffic, and…


You’re then going to get all their emails, and by getting all their emails you can click on their links, and when you click on their links, you’ll see a ton of landing pages that they’re sending traffic to.

What you want to look for are the ones that keep cropping up time and again. The same landing pages from the same people, means those folk are making it work for them. Wait a few weeks, remember most people only buy a large solo ad once or twice a month, and then take one of the landing pages you see the most, and use the same style yourself.

Simple and effective.

If you want to know more ways to build a business online super-fast, then you need to get on the inside of Business Ignition. This is my group for the superstars 😉


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