The sludgery of the world

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You make a great point with what you wrote. Should we comply with the status quo working life of 8 to 5, plus overtime when the boss requires it?

Or do we re-invent our lifestyle and take action to create a better/free’er life. We are here in this world for actually a very short time, and so do we support ourselves and our families by sacrificing our lives to the mainstream 8-5 jobs till we die? Or do we find a means of financially supporting ourselves with enough money to provide and support a family, or do we accept the status quo? I want the choice of making the money needed to support a family and be free to do the things from time to time that I and my family enjoy.

I agree with your assessment that “life is about time”.

I received this email last week, and it’s so bang on, that I wanted to share it with you.

Most of the western world follow the status quo. They follow the 8 to 5, which these days is rapidly becoming the 7:30 to 8.

They work hard for their bosses, but receive absolutely no thank you for it. They work longer than they’re paid to, for no extra money.


To get the job done, and because there’s now a fear that if you don’t work hours you’re not paid to work, someone else will, and you’ll get replaced.

Or do you, as Greg says, re-invent your lifestyle.

Do you take action to create a better life.

We’re born, we live and we die.

The living bit is what so many people forget to do. Time is short, and the question is…

Do you want to spend that short amount of time doing things for someone else, for absolutely no thank you?

If you do, then my emails ain’t gonna be for you. You’ll want to scroll to the bottom, click the unsubscribe button and be on your way.

Because I’m writing to the people that believe there’s more to life. That you can actually be in control of your own life, do the things you want to do and still make enough money to enjoy the finer things.

I’m talking to the people who want to fight for the power to spend time with their families, spend time doing the things they want to do, and only have to answer to themselves.

We live in an age where anybody can achieve this.

And damn it, we’re lucky to do so.

In my new book and newsletter, I’m going to show you the easiest ways I’ve learned, over the last decade, to do this online.

It’s quick, simple, and literally anybody can do it. If they want to.


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