The Spider Catcher

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This is my new role in our house. Whenever there’s a spider, I get called to remove it from the premises, like some kind of bouncer that only works when the queue jumper has eight legs.

But hey, apparently that’s part of being the ‘man’ of the house. Or so I’m told!

When you catch a bug, there’s a couple of ways you can deal with it. If you’re brave, then you cup it in your hands and let it outside. If you’re less brave, like me if the spider is of any decent size, you put a glass over the top, slide a piece of paper underneath, and then release it back into the wild (usually a couple of feet away from your door).

Thinking about it, I should probably walk into the garden a bit further, after all, a couple of feet isn’t very far for a spider to go.

Anyhoo, online we have Google spiders. They scurry around the web discovering all the web pages that exist, and feeding them to the big Google machine which determines where they should rank in the search engine.

Back in the day, you used to be able to get to the first page by simply using backlinks. But then everybody tried to game the system by creating fake backlinks on auto-pilot just to rank.

So they changed it, and they’re still changing it almost weekly to this day.

And what is happening now, is that social interaction is becoming far more important than anything else.

Yup. The more people who Like, Follow, Share, Retweet and spread your content, then the better search engine rankings you’ll get.

In August, on Twitter, I received 35,000 impressions (views of my Tweets).

That’s a huge amount.

The engagement rate on social media however, is low compared to email. I get 0.8%. But let’s look at some numbers to see what this actually means.

I currently have 5356 Followers, and this is growing at around 40 per day.

With 35,000 impressions a month, that means each Follower is viewing about 7 of my tweets a month. Roughly one a week, which isn’t bad.

A 0.80% interaction, means I’m getting 280 interactions a month.

Once upon a time those interactions, except for clicks, wouldn’t mean much outside of Twitter. But these days, a Like and Retweet are also valuable social indicators for Google to rank your website.

And it’s not just Google.

Your ranking as a thought-leader in your industry, is also determined by your social reach and interaction.

Which means that it’s super-important to get these interactions if you want to be consider a leader.

Up until now, the issue with getting these interactions has always been time. That was my trouble when Twitter first began, I simply didn’t have the time to get involved in it.

But now, if you’ve got 15 minutes each week, then you can grow your Twitter following like me, on auto-pilot, with no effort.

That’s what Business Ignition members will be doing this month, when I reveal my complete strategy to them 😉

Simply clikeroo on the link below if you want to discover how it’s done.


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