The spiky dangers of internet marketing gooroos

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For the first time in my life, I saw a hedgehog yesterday,

Now this may not sound exciting for some people but, for me, it absolutely made my weekend.

And I’m not talking about a hedgehog that’s been flattened on the side of the road, I mean a walking, talking hedgehog.

Okay, maybe he (or she) wasn’t talking so much. But they were definitely walking.

It came about because I hadn’t seen BeeBee, my dog, for a while, so I popped out into the garden to see what she was up to. And…

…she was sniffing a hedgehog.

Now I know they have fleas and thangs, but damn they’re also pretty cute. This one was snuffling around in the gravel pathway of our garden, quite at peace with the world.

I sat down to watch it go about it’s bizniss for a little while, and something struck me. They look cute,  but damn, if one of those spikes went into your hand it’d be painful.

Which is kinda how I see a lot of gooroos.

They look cute.

Their products look cute, all shiny and pretty, waiting to be unwrapped like a big box under a Christmas tree.

But often, when you get inside, they’re spikey and full of content that nobody’s ever going to take action on.


Because when there’s 60 hours of videos, it’ll take you a week, full time, just to go through it.

And the truth is… most of it’s filler. You can put the actual content you need to take action on, from the majority of those products, into a couple of pages.

Which means that most people don’t even get to the stuff they need to do.

If you wanna make some mullah online, then the key is productivity.

Kinda like what Tom Beal is sharing in these videos.


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