The Temptress In The Black Hat

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There’s water running down the kitchen wall.

FFS was the first thought that came into my mind.

I ventured outside into the stormy weather, got a ladder from the shed, and climbed up the side of the building.

The gutter was overflowing, treaming down the brick, wall and had been for as long as the rain had been pouring, which is now seven days.

Working my way along I found a piece of cement had fallen out from under the roof tiles and was blocking the downpipe.

Removing it was like releasing the flood gates. You could hear the water pouring down like a waterfall.


The question of the issue that there’s cement falling out from under the roof tiles quietly ignored for the time being.

That night Max woke me up, as usual, while it was still dark.

Having persuaded him that it was not a good idea to be racing cars in the middle of the night, I made my way down the hall back to our bedroom.

Wait… what’s that… the floorboards are wet.

You are f***ing kidding me!

In the morning I make my way to the kitchen, the room beneath the sodden floorboards, and yes… the ceiling is wet.


My first thoughts were a pipe has burst.

Luckily, after a coffee with Alan, a seriously knowledgeable chap, it looks like it’s the pointing which is rotten and, being an old house, the driving rain is going straight through the pointing finding the pipe work between the floorboards, and running down it.


At least it’s not a leaking pipe.

Did I mention I also tried fixing a toilet and ended up with water gushing out. It was only by brute force I managed to fix it without calling out an emergency plumber.

It seems that at the moment I’m not having much luck with water!

Today, rather than worrying about water flooding down the kitchen walls or trying to fix toilets, I’m going to do what I’m best at, talk about marketing.

Specifically white and black hat marketing, and which you should be using.

What’s the difference?

Simply put, white hat is good and black hat is bad.

Which means if you use white hat then nobodys going to shut you down or come after you for spamming, and if you use black hat they might.

So why would you use black hat?

The theory is that black hat marketing will get you the results you want, more money, faster. It uses loopholes and bad practice to generate massive volume quickly.

At least, that used to be the case.

The thang is… nowadays it’s not quite the same.

Back in the day data protection was non-existent. You could, within reason, do pretty much anything in marketing and have no repurcussions. 

Heck, you could say anything without anybody caring.

Not so now.

Although if you’re marketing in the U.S. it still has the loosest laws around data protection.

Which means that the black hat shortcut isn’t quite a shortcut anymore, because you have to put so much effort into being untraceable.

Let’s take list purchasing. Here’s how it used to be done…

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